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Top 10 Gift Wrap Organizers and Storage; (your 2017 holiday gifting just became a whole lot easier)

In the spirit of the 2018 Grammy nominee's just coming out, here are the nominees for (W)rap Organizer of the Year:

Now that I have shared my top ten favorite (and useful) gifts, I'm sure you're going to need to start to wrap those gifts for your loved ones. But we all know, more often than not, you are going to be left with extra wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, greeting cards, and/or gift bags. So let me help!

Does your gift wrapping supply closet look something like this? Because this is what mine used to look like:

Do you wish it looked something like this? Because this is what mine looks like now:

Here is a list of 10 nominees for (w)rap organizer of the year. Use some (or all) of these organizational gadgets to keep your holiday supplies in order all year round.

(Note: See #10 for where to buy those fabric cube storage bins and chalk labels!)

And here are the nominees for (w)rap organizer of the year....

Organizer: $6.99 from The Container Store

Let's start with something simple. Keeping rolls of wrapping paper in order can be frustrating but not with a tool like this!

-Durable yet lightweight making it easy to transport

-Zippers shut to keep dust out

-Easy-carry handle

-Can hold rolls up to 40'' wide

-Keep tucked away in your closet year round!

Tower (Different than pictured): $23.67 tower from The Home Depot

Labels: $14.99 label maker from Amazon

Do you love to wrap gifts? Do you pull out all the stops wth ribbons, bows, tissue paper, and tags?

All of those items can get easily tangled and mangled and before you know it, you'll find yourself battling with your supplies in the frantic days leading up to the holiday.

Don't worry about that any more with a basic, yet practical, storage bin!

-5 pull-out drawers

-Add labels to drawers to easily identify what you have

-Can stack items on top for easy storage

Shower Caddy: $19.99 from Amazon

I bet you never thought to use a shower caddy to store your gift wrapping supplies (and if you have, let's be friends!)

Any shower caddy will work as long as one of the shelves is broken up to allow the ribbon to be strung through (see bottom shelf of the caddy pictured).

Store anything else you want on the remaining shelf (although I do recommend storing gift wrapping supplies on the other shelf to make sure you're organized)!

Bin with dividers: $12.99 from The Container Store

I LOVE greeting cards. I like to personally choose each card for my loved one's but let's be honest, life gets crazy sometimes. Next time you forget an event, don't stress!

-Have a card ready for every birthday and graduation, and even your anniversary.

-Label each divider by occasion. For example, "Birthday Cards", "Graduation Cards", "Sympathy Cards","Thank You Cards" etc.!

-6 adjustable, tabbed dividers


Tape a "Dates to Remember" page to your Dates to Remember Bin (see item #4) and never forget a significant event again!

Download the free printable version here thanks to!

#5: EASY DIY Ribbon Organizer

Basket: $2.47 from US Plastic Corp.

Dowel Rod: $3.80 for 10 from Amazon

Alright everyone, get ready to be mind-blown! This idea is so simple yet genius that I'm disappointed I didn't think of it myself!

-Take any white bin that has holes around all 4 sides that you have laying around your house (or get one with the link above!).

-Place the wooden dowel rod through the sides of the bin so that they stretch the length of the bin. (PRO TIP: Do this without ribbon on it first so you can see where to line up the rod after the ribbon is placed)

-Put the dowel through the middle of the ribbon spool and then through the other side of the bin.

-Lastly, string each ribbon through the holes on the front and back of the bin to make sure your ribbon does not get tangled!

Storage System: $19.99 from Bed Bath and Beyond

This is one of the coolest storage systems that I have ever seen! Whoever designed this truly thought of everything!

-Zipper sealed to keep out dust

-Ribbon dispenser that holds up to 4 spools of ribbon while keeping them tangle-free!

-Two inner pockets for gift bags and bows!

-Easily fits under your bed for convenient year-round storage!


#7: Make a "Need List" for next year

This may seem super simple but this will save you a major headache when the next holiday rolls around!

Instead of rummaging through boxes searching for supplies that you don't even actually have, make a list of the things you need to restock on so when you see a good sale, you have your list to refer to!

See? Staying organized can save you money too!

Attach it to any of the other items on this list!

Box: $11.99 from The Container Store

Don't want to make your own ribbon storage like #5? Buy this one from my friends at The Container Store!

-Includes an adjustable divider to keep spools in place

-Space to store scissors, gift tags, and pens

-You can fit FOUR of these ribbon boxes into item #9 (see below)

-Stackable with a locking lid!

Unlike item #1, this box for gift wrap can be stored horizontally instead of vertically!

My recommendation is to store 2 ribbon boxes and 10 rolls of gift wrap inside!

-Designed to hold 4 of item #8 (see above).

-Holds up to 28 rolls of gift wrap

-Multiple boxes can be securely stacked.

Fabric Cube Storage Bin: $9.99 from Target

Labels: $9.45 from Amazon

Have room under a desk in your office space? Have a lightly used cabinet in your family room? Use any small space to store these adorable fabric boxes and label them with whatever you're storing inside!

-Multiple colors for the storage bin

-Ideal for storing tissue paper, ribbons, small boxes, and gift bags

-Each pack of labels contains 50 reusable labels in 4 different sizes with a bonus liquid chalk marker!


Happy Holidays

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