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10 of my Favorite (useful) Gifts under $25

Holidays are coming... well... ok... holidays are here. So now I'm here to share with you some of my favorite gifts this year that are also USEFUL!! It is always great to give a gift that is actually useful on top of being pretty.

Note: These are all items that I have personally used and can attest for their greatness.

1) CAR HOOKS $14.95 from amazon for a pack of 4

I can't express how helpful these are to my everyday life. Their use? Hang a pocketbook, grocery bag, shopping bags, umbrella... anything! They are sturdy and SO helpful. They can hook onto any car.

2) Avocado Tool $9.99 from the Container Store

All you need to know is that it does in fact work.

3) Hand-Powered Veggie Chopper $22.89 from Amazon

This is amazing and it does exactly what it says it does. Chops all items in seconds.

4) Mini CableDrop Adhesive Cable Clips $9.99 from The Container Store

I use these for everything. I hold my phone charger up on my night stand with these so they don't fall onto the floor every single day.

5) PopSocket $9.89 from Amazon

This goes on the back of your device (I have it on the back of my phone) and it helps you grip the phone. Lets be real... you drop your phone on your face when you're in bed, we all do. This will stop that! It also acts as a stand for your phone. You can push it in when not using it so it is flat against the phone. I've also purchased a holder for the PopSocket that goes in the car to hold your phone up for navigational purposes. THIS IS A WINNER!

6) Wine Glass Writer $11.75 from Amazon

These are amazing for writing on any glass surface for labeling. Use them on spices, glass containers, wine glasses (of course) etc. And yes, it does wipe right off for a new label.

7) Pick Your Nose Cups $10.05 for 24 of them from Amazon

Yes, I have actually used these. I can vouch for their funniness and usefulness.

8) Supply Station Desk Accessory $19.95 from Amazon

Ok... this one I don't personally have... but I have purchased it for a friend before because it is just SO FUNNY... and yet also still useful. Give this one to your desk-working friend.

9) Wine Chilling Stick and Pourer $14.99 from Brookstone

I love the pouring aspect of this stick. You just place it into the freezer an hour before your guests come, and then VOILA, you are serving cold wine for more than 2 minutes. One of my favorite purchases.

10) Clinique 3-step Introduction Kit $19.50 from Clinique

If you know me personally, then you know that if I could be a brand ambassador for Clinique, I would be. I use their whole skin care line and I could not be happier with the results. I am always getting compliments and in turn I am constantly giving samples of these products to my friends and family just so they would give them a try. Face hygiene is the best hygiene. Each of their three-step products come in different forms for different skin types. If I could gift this trial to all of you, I would.


Happy Holidays and Happy Gift Giving

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