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How to Caffeinate Yourself and Your Guests in an Organized Way.

Let's talk tea and coffee. We all have some (a lot) of both and I'm sure we have all had a hard time finding the right way to store it. It's important to be able to see it all so you know what you have. Let's face it, there's too many types. Ground coffee, coffee beans, k-cups, reusable k-cups, drip coffee, instant coffee, decaf or caf or half-caff coffee, tea leaves, tea packets, tea you can infuse... you get it.

So I'm here to show you three of my favorite ways to store these essentials. Especially because coffee and tea are a main "go-to" when you have visitors, so of course we want them to be presentable!

The three ways I'm showing you are the display versions. I still have the boxes of the tea and coffee in a closet so that I can re-fill it as the displays empty.

***These are three items that I personally have in my house and can attest to being an awesome investment for storage of such a widely used category***


1) The "Tea Box", Container Store, $24.99.

I love this design because it lets you SEE what you have since the box is acrylic. You don't have to pull every packet out just to see what you have!

2. The "K-cup carousel", Bed Bath and Beyond, $14.99 (plus always takes a coupon!).

This one spins! Fill it with some of your favorites and let your guests spin it around to choose the one they want. Or... fill it with your own favorites and keep this one for yourself because it is the best.

3. The "Coffee Stack", Container Store, $29.99.

This one holds 40 K-Cups!! Each drawer slides out and comes down to expose you to all the k-cups inside. It also fits inside cabinets so you can just pull the drawers out without having to take down the whole unit.

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