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"Jodie saved my sanity! Since Jodie showed up and helped me purge and reorganize, I am so proud of my closet! There's an old Jackie Mason comedy routine where he satirizes people who show off their closets whenever they have company. I'm one of those now!! Her smart, well-thought-out suggestions and my new favorite hangers, have enabled me to feel so much less stressed out. My closet is still in amazing shape months later, and I am confident it will remain this way."


-Merryl M., Age: 55+

"I loved that Jodie suggested the storage cubes ahead of time so I could have them here when we started our project!"


-Jessica B., Age: 31-40

Jodie is AMAZING! With her help, we organized my room in a matter of a few hours. It has been such a relief to live in a tidy room that is easy to maintain. Everyone who visits, compliments my room! Thanks Jodie!!!

-Dana A., Age:18-30

"Jodie has been incredibly helpful to me on multiple occasions. Whether I was in the process of packing for college or just doing spring cleaning, she helped me get organized in a way that helped me to stay organized. I am so thankful to her for being a voice of reason when I was deciding what things I actually need to keep versus things I should've gotten rid of 5+ years ago. Keeping organized is especially difficult when you have so much stuff and so little free time, but after working with Jodie I feel like so much of that weight is taken off of my shoulders. And even better, her enthusiasm and cheerful personality actually make the process fun!"

-Lisa K., Age:18-30

"Jodie arrived ready for action! She had all her organizational materials at her fingertips. She worked quickly and efficiently and alphabetized, labeled and, organized hundreds of my legal files from 1998 to the present in a mere 4 hours. She also helped me to pick out and order bookshelves that worked perfectly to fit all of my files and fit into the allotted space. I even have extra shelves for future files!"

-Debbie S., Age:55+

"Everyone that I have shown my "before" and "after" photos to have been stunned by the amazing difference. I had a lot of anxiety about cleaning and clearing out a room that had not be touched in a decade. Yes, a decade. In one day the job was done! What was I thinking to be so anxious? Totally unnecessary. Jodie is terrific. Ask her to show you my pictures. Proof!"

-Enid H., Age:55+

Jodie was great. She found the cutest drawer organizer for my skincare, hair and makeup products, and helped me purge clothing items I was holding onto since forever. She even re-purposed my shoe organizer which now holds my scarves, hats and hair tools.

-Sonia S., Age:31-40

"Jodie made my life easier by me not having to worry about unpacking my apartment. I gave her certain parameters and you ran with it and did an amazingly outstanding job. Thank you. "

-Howard K., Age: 55+

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